Saturday, March 17, 2012


I've been bad about this blog - some things that go on are not bloggable - and so I neglect it. But younger sister has started a blog - so now it's a challenge. In my family we can be a wee bit competitive!

I'm winding down now - This is weekend #9 until my last weekend at the church on Memorial Day. We are doing a preaching series based on liturgy and ideas from the Changing Church forum, so I'm not posting those sermons - they are not my original work - so I take no credit. It's an interesting process, trying to re-think ideas. I believe I've added value and translated things into my own voice - even changed some of the focuii (?) when I don't agree with them.

And my counseling intern resume is ready to go. Now to find places to send it to. I get good strokes from people who know me, which counteracts the negative strokes from some of my fellow students in the counseling program. Only some, and I take them with a grain of salt, because from what I can tell, some of my fellow students are pretty anxious about their own competencies and may be projecting. (Counseling language is great for that kind of interpretation!)

Lots of meetings, still need to clean and clear and sort and set up things for my successor. With all this time as a lame duck - I announced my intentions before Christmas - there is no excuse to not leave things well.

Peace all -

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