Wednesday, August 10, 2011

take a minute = the third question

Third Question: What do you consider to be the big question or conundrum of your life?


Perpetual student, longing for serene and beautiful places, comfortable clothes, new stimuli (all those cities I visit but do not live in), fall and it's colors.

I think the big question is: what am I going to be when I grow up? I know I'm not finished yet. Were is the place of rest that is also the place of challenge?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

take a minute

From Metanoia:
take a minute and write down your responses to the following. No context ~ just whatever responses pop into your mind. Be as general or specific as you want, using as few words as possible.

1. Five colors.

2. Five cities.

3. Five landscapes.

4. Five interiors.

5. Five things you might wear.

1. Orange, yellow, green, bronze, sky blue
2. San Antonio, San Diego, Long Beach MS, Boston, Chicago
3. ocean, mountains, plains, Northwoods, shore of Lake Superior
4. chapel at college, Christ Church Green Bay, silo room at the Bridge, library at St. Anthony's, castle in my head
5. denim skirt, flats, cardigan sweater, glasses, bright socks

Next question: Within each of your groups, do you see commonalities?

Oh yes - my favorite color palate is fall
the cities are ones I have visited and enjoyed, but never lived in
the landscapes are beautiful for me
The interior spaces have been meaningful in my life
Those are my favorite clothes!